Porfessional Treadmill SA10TNZ1000

Professional Treadmill for Training and Daily Personal Entertainment

Includes latest generation 10.1 ″ full color TFT touch screen with integrated APP applications Social Media, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Twitter, Google Chrome, Virtual Reality with integrated Live Action visualizations and USB connections, WIFI and Bluetooth con visualizaciones integradas Live Action y conexiones USB, WIFI y Bluetooth.

It incorporates the latest Technology in Training and Entertainment Programs, Countdown Time, Calories, Distance and Steps. Exercise Routine and Heart Rate. Track mode, Custom mode, Virtual Reality Live Action execution with race scenarios shot in Venice, The Grand Canyon of the Colorado and the Italian Alps.

Advanced description

The ABANTERA professional treadmill model SA10TNZ1000 is the most advanced sports center for personal training and entertainment for the home. It incorporates 9 training programs, Start-Stop system, heart rate and calorie monitoring, integrated APP applications, Social Media, USB, WIFI and Bluetooth connections, integrated Live Action Virtual Reality displays and next-generation surround speakers.

Key features

The SA10TNZ1000 model, made with the best sports and entertainment materials available today, makes this sports center one of the most advanced and complete technological sports centers in its class at an international level. Its extensive features include, among others, 9 types of training programs with countdown of time, calories, distance, steps, exercise routine, heart rate, track mode, custom mode, virtual reality with Live Action execution, with race scenarios shot in Venice, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and the Italian Alps. It includes a rotating disk to be able to perform stretching exercises before starting the exercise and after finishing it. On this rotating disc we can also perform numerous aerobic exercises, the instruction manual that includes this SA10TNZ1000  model incorporates numerous exercise tables to get the most out of the rotating disc. Available connectivity is via USB, WIFI and Bluetooth with state-of-the-art built-in surround speakers. It incorporates a multi-function massage motor with a massager belt especially suitable for warm-up exercises, cellulite, orange peel, varicose veins, fluid retention, stretching, elimination of contractures and elimination of fat accumulation. The running surface on this SA10TNZ1000  model has been expanded to 40 centimeters wide and 1.2 meters long with a running speed ranging from 0.8km / h to 12km / h and a maximum user weight of 110kg. It integrates a next generation full color TFT touch screen with integrated APP applications for personal entertainment Social Media, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Twitter, Google Chrome and Virtual Reality so you can enjoy watching your movie or series listening to your favorite music or your playlists, browsing the internet or interacting on your social networks while doing healthy physical exercise or walking through the streets of Venice. It includes two safety systems, a Start-Stop safety handle and an inductor component chip and electronic wave filter that neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, thus taking care of your neuronal and cellular health. It incorporates the latest and innovative unit management system that includes a sports center maintenance program, unit total mileage counter and maintenance control. It incorporates a pneumatic arm to be able to fold the sports center without any effort, avoiding possible injuries to the user and thus occupying a very small space at home.

Technical data


  • Engine power 1,5CV.
  • Running speed from 0.8km/h to 12Km/h.
  • Maximum user weight 110kg.
  • 400mm x 1,200mm stroke surface.
  • Latest generation full color TFT touch screen.
  • Unfolded size 1,550mm x 690mm x 1,250mm
  • Folded size 815mm x 690mm x 1,325mm.
  • Weight 38.5kg.
  • Multi-massage function with multi-function body massager.
  • Connectivity through USB, WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Next-generation built-in speakers with surround sound.
  • Integrated Social Media APP.
  • Virtual Reality with integrated Live Action visualizations.
  • Safety system with Start-Stop safety handle.
  • Inductor component chip and electronic wave filter.
  • • 9 training programs.
  • Rotating disc for aerobic and stretching exercises.
  • Program management and maintenance control.
  • Total mileage management of the unit.

P.V.P. Euros

2.799,90€ VAT included


P.V.P. Dollars

3.359,80$ VAT included

Porfessional Treadmill SA10TNZ1000

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