We design, develop and manufacture products with the latest technological advances


In ABANTERA we design, develop and manufacture high quality products designed and manufactured for a long durability, thus satisfying all the needs of our customers worldwide. We are a leading international company in technology and we are at the forefront of R&D, offering the highest quality in hardware, software, materials and state-of-the-art components in all the products we manufacture.


Cutting-edge technology

Our research and development division is as dynamic as our own corporation. We are continuously working on the research and development of new products of the highest quality, incorporating the latest international technological advances. Our customers are convinced that when they purchase an ABANTERA product they are getting a product of the highest quality, with the latest technology, easy to use and with the best performance on the market.



What can we offer you?

ABANTERA in the world

Abantera is one of the largest industrial engineering companies in the world with production plants in Europe, America and countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia.

Attention to detail

Our large and sophisticated team of industrial engineers develops each product taking care of the smallest detail in innovation, modernity, utility and quality.

Quality Standards

All the products we develop and manufacture on a daily basis exceed all worldwide quality and safety standards by far. Any of our products will exceed all the expectations you have placed on it at the time of purchase.

Distributors around the world

One of the most important facets of our Corporation is the manufacture of high-end products for other well-known brands in the sector. For more information, please visit the Distributors section.

After-sales service

All products manufactured by Abantera are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for two years for Europe and one year for all other countries.

Sales reach in 12 countries

Abantera is currently present in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany, distributing and selling its entire range of products.


We take care of the environment and our surroundings in the manufacturing process of each of our products


ABANTERA uses recycled and biodegradable materials for the manufacture of all its packaging (cardboard, plastics, inks, staples, etc.), in addition, as long as it does not technically influence the durability required by our own company and universal quality standards, it also uses recycled materials for the manufacture of many of the products it manufactures. We have the daily commitment to continue researching through our industrial engineers, new recycled materials of last generation, to incorporate them whenever possible, to all our range of products.


Against programmed obsolescence

In ABANTERA, we are not in favor of programming the useful life of our products from our factories, on the contrary, our manufacturing philosophy is to manufacture products that have a very long useful life in time and that the final consumer is the one who decides to change a product for a new one and not us premarking in our factories an expiration date. We are constantly researching and testing revolutionary materials, to offer a spectacular design, innovative, comfortable to use and of course of maximum durability over time.

Do you need us to help you?

All our departments are ready to offer you the best service and the necessary advice to solve all your questions or needs.










Experiences and Opinions

Veramente contenta con questo prodotto. Facile da programmare con la sua APP, ottima durata della batteria,pulisce benissimio. Confezione bellissima !! Sono rimasta entusiata da questo robot.

Gianna Cioffi


After receiving my air fryer I was first amazed by its technological designs. It was astonishing simple to use and the instructions were easy to follow. Much more cleaner than using an oven which always results in a dirty mess to clean up afterwards. I would definitely recommend this air fryer to those that have been looking for a high quality air fryer!

Rachel Graham

Bloom Co.

Estaba buscando un dispensador de agua que dejará un agua pura y de agradable sabor, cuando vi esta máquina no lo dude,  es fabulosa y además gracias a su lampara UV mata los virus y las bacterias.

Lourdes Fano


Finalmente acqua frizzante in casa senza comprare bottiglie di plastica. Aiutiamo il medio ambiente ed abbiamo sempre acqua fredda,acqua calda e acqua frizzante. Una grande comodità.

Giacomo Loredani


Passou um teste de fogo, depois viajar para o México e se deslocar pelo país (avião, ônibus, carro) e eu não tenho nada além de boas palavras, além de ser muito confortável devido ao seu deslizamento suave e silencioso (as rodas são de grande qualidade),tem sido capaz de lidar com todos os golpes que foram capazes de bater aviões sem o interior a ser afetado.
Totalmente recomendado sua compra para viagens regulares.

Joao Santos


We’ve never had an air fryer before and were slightly worried it wouldn’t live up to expectations. Boy were we wrong! It has exceeded expectations in every way. The first thing we made in here were chicken drumsticks and they were 10/10. The fryer cooked the chicken just right and left the skin crispy and delicious. Not having to use oil was a huge plus and left us not feeling the dreaded sluggish feeling we normally get after eating fried food. The recipe book makes this look incredible versatile and we look forward to using it multiple times a week.

Elisabeth Smith


E’ il Top di quello che ho visto fin oggi. Ottimo contenitore per la polvere e ottimo contenitore per l’acqua, viene con ricambi, e’ potente, elegante,affidabile, opera anche sui tapeti…perfetto.

Paolo De Gregorio


For daily cleaning it’s very good value. I use it in my kitchen every day just to whizz around and get the crumbs.  It’s so simple to use. Press clean and off it goes. It doesn’t fall off the edge and it goes back to its base when it’s finished or if you press the home button. I dare say this is perfectly adequate for an apartment or for your daily freshen up.

Pamela Jean Daniel


Lo straconsigliamo !! Viviamo in casa con un cane di pelo lungo ed e’ un grandissimo aiuto, aspira velocemente, e’ minuzioso e molto efficiente. Disinfetta con luce UV  ed ha un filtro Hepa che con i tempi che corrono…….realmente un gran robot .

Roberto Scielzo



Comprei este produto há um mês e estou muito satisfeito.
instruções em português, vendedor muito simpático.

Rachel Oliveira